ED Treatment

How does Viagra work?

Two British chemists Peter Dunn / Albert Wood had something to develop to combat heart disease and blood vessel abnormalities, without science, at the same time tackling the enormous issue of powerlessness in the area of sexual intercourse. Why ? You might wonder. Well, it soon became apparent that by administering sildenafil citrate, one began to develop spontaneous erections, which caused hilarity, but also was suddenly a result for an age-old men’s disease.

From a scientific point of view, one had to deal with the breakthrough that thousands would be grateful for, so that they now only turned out to focus on that, a demand from their employer Pfizer, because of the realization that this urgent question was now being resolved, and would also prove to be lucrative. for the company where the inventors worked.

Continuation of the study was given priority, in favor of the impotence sufferer. The brand new concept became the erection pill.

These pills are universally provided by doctors, thus providing help to men who had dysfunctions. The medicament that was initially intended for heart disease, was thus a pack of the heart of many with the potential care, because now two birds in one fell swoop were eliminated. Approval was granted for the EU, so green-light – provided because it was found to be usable.

The pluses and how it helps to restore the self-confidence of the victim.

The purpose of the therapy is to give the man a stiff, so once he has swallowed a tablet, and is sexually excited, his penis will become stiff over time because the brain is stimulated to send blood to his genitals, because of this he will be able to have normal sex. Sildenafil the active part, increases the flow of blood to its phallus which stimulates erotic.

Experience shows that sometimes the first time does not succeed directly with some. It can even occur 8 times that no result is obtained. But according to the experts it will come of it. It is not clear why this phenomenon occurs.


The operating period depends on it. About thirty minutes, if your condition permits, it can also take longer. If you are still young, you will probably have a better condition, and process it faster than if you are over 60, for example, your body will process it more slowly, so it will stay longer for older guys.

It has become known that some complain of headaches, upset stomach, dizziness, but many have absolutely no complaints. Most are very enthusiastic about this cure. There are few allergies, etc. Extreme problems are rare.

It is therefore safe as long as you keep to the rules, because if you buy the pills without medical consultation, you can be scammed, because you can not purchase them without a prescription, and there are a lot of fake offered for sale.

Consultation with the physician is important, not just because of the prescription, but about the exact amount of milligrams you must have. He will determine this taking into account your age, what other medications you have, the degree of ailment, and whether it is a psychological or physical issue.

Where can it be purchased and what is its price?

It can be obtained in pharmacies, with doctor’s prescription, and the price varies and we have to take the number of milligrams, and the manufacturer also into consideration. If you want the cheap you will have to check if it is fake, because unfortunately there are some places where counterfeit pills are sold.

This is not suitable for everyone, if you have one of the following categories you probably should not use it.

Those with certain medical conditions such as serious heart or liver problems, a recent stroke or heart attack, low brood pressure and persons with certain rare hereditary eye disease. For more details you can always contact your doctor.

The information you provide to your physician can mean the difference between success and failure. He must know exactly which prescribed and non-prescribed medicines are taken by you, for example nitrates, which can not be recommended in combination.

It does not cure the disorders. The underlying is not addressed in this way. Although, if it is psychic, it can break the cycle of fear and failure. However, the physical causes remain.

Buy VIAGRA Online With or Without a Prescription

You can not buy this without a prescription, and fortunately, there are too many risks associated with uncontrolled use. It is in your own interest to consult the physician if you feel that you need it.